An annual membership fee of $50. 

A term membership fee of $15

All members are required to assist us with some volunteer time. Generally, this is done by signing up for our volunteer duty roster, to assist members in borrowing toys, however this is not the only way to help. Other options, such as labeling new toys, washing costumes, etc. are available, simply ask a committee member.

Toys are borrowed for a 2 week period. We encourage members to come back every week and change over toys. This gives everyone a fair chance to borrow the most toys, during their membership. More importantly, it also allows your child to be exposed to a greater variety of toys, helping your child develop better through play.

We recommend no more than 4-5 toys, but each family may borrow up to 8 toys at once. 2 large toys and 6 small.

Group membership is also available please email us and we can provide further information.

Online Database

Here is a link to the toy catalogue. Even as a non-member, you can browse our toys!


Care of toys

We have good range of play materials and we pride ourselves on the clean, safe and well-maintained condition of our toys and puzzles. This would not be possible however, without your support. All items must be thoroughly cleaned before being returned.

As parents ourselves, we understand that damage and loss can happen – please don’t worry about this, it happens, but when you return the item, let us know if something is missing or damaged.


Photos by Mary Thompson Photography  https://www.marythompson.com.au/

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